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Technology at your service

Staying updated

Is one of our hardest tasks. Every day, new technologies make their way to the market. We are doing our best, in order to not only keep up, but to stay ahead. Using modern tools is what makes our work possible. Check out what we've got to offer to your product, to craft it in the best possible manner. 

C++ and C

Utilizing Modern Standards.

Using the latest LLVM and GCC Toolchains enable C++20 support in all of our C++ Projects. Fast. Secure. Reproducable.

Utilizing Modern Standards.
yesterdays tomorrow is tomorrows yesterday
Version Control in all Designs.

Every skAInet-Project uses Git. For mechanical, electrical and software-design, to enable better quality-assesments.

Using Open-Source Tools.
Free as in Freedom

Using Open-Source Tools.

We try to use the best tools for every task. Even if that means, we'd have to manipulate the source-code of the tools on our own. Git, RISC-V, EPICS, yocto, KiCad, yosys copperspice and LLVM are just a few of our favorite tools. Talk to us to find out more about what we're offering.

KiCAD - Team KEY.

For years we have been in love with EDA. KiCAD helps us building your PCBs faster and more customized.



Modern instruction-sets enable modern products. Let us accelerate your product-idea with great architectures. Neither building up on RIP-Tech like AVR or 8051, nor on power-consuming x86, we want to create with RISC-V and ARM-Architectures, to bring you the embedded devices you always imagined. Making IoT possible with small and smart Sensors, powerful and elegant Edge-Devices and conscientiously crafted Databases. Bare-metal, as well as on our custom Linux-kernels build with yocto.

Tested libraries only.
unit-tests and static checking

Tested libraries only.

Having tested libraries makes your product more safe and secure. We run those tests for you. Interested in how we are doing that? Schedule an appointment with us - now.

Acquiring physical data can be tricky.

Let our physicists solve this problem for you. Instrumentation from skAInet is running particle-accelerators, large-scale transportation-infrastructure as well as industrial measurements and power-tools. Our code is already running on more than 1.2e10 devices, and counting.

Reverse Engineering as a Service.
Investigating the details

Reverse Engineering as a Service.

Getting detailed documentation about your own legacy-prjects can be hard some times. We can provide those information to you in a perfectly organized way. Whether you want to understand or recreate. 

Conquering your processes
Crafting Data-Lakes.

With our custom sensors and skAInet Edge-Device technology you are enabled to run analysis on your own data, perform in-line filtering on FPGA-based data-aggregators or simply archive into SQL as well as No-SQL databases.

One-Wire, PoE, USB, CAN or LoRa

Connectivity for your industriousness.

We provide you with State-of-the-Art Digital-Data-Acquisition. Plug-and-Play, without detour. Using modern bus-systems to make you data available in cloud-services, DCSs like EPICS or databases. 

Connectivity for your industriousness.