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About us

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clark once wrote. We are trying to live in this spirit. We are the crazy scientists, coding in dark basements, crafting mysterious materials and going where only few have gone before. We want to explore the uncharted territories of hard- and software. dQ/dt is what drives us. With projects in industry and science our Research-and-Development Engieers are constantly trying to be the most advanced professionals in the domain of microcontroller-development.

A team of: five in hardware; five in software; three in prototyping; backed up by two physicists, led by Odin Holmes (USA) and Stephan Bökelmann (GER) are reaching out to the frontiers of technological boundaries. Obviously we can't do this all alone, so we are working hand-in-hand with the Technical University of Applied Sciences Georg Agricola and the Ruhr-University, both located in Bochum, while also having our technologies assessed and evaluated on a regular basis by external consultants and freenlancers.

Together we want to create, to form, to bring ideas into beeing. Solve puzzles, problems, quests. Together with our clients, we did build great products already - and we want to continue to do so. All of your base, are belong to you. After our job is done, it's like noone has ever seen your product before. We are the nerds, behind the curtains, fixing up software and hardware to help you delivering an awesome product to your customers. And if somebody asks: We were never here.